Frequently Asked Questions
Here are a few of the questions often asked of Polly. If you don't see yours here, feel free to ask!

How do you communicate with animals?
During private intuitive sessions, I receive pictures, dialogue, body sensations and emotions from your animal. I can relay messages back to your animal using these same modalities. Animal communication sessions can be done either in person or remotely by providing a picture of your animal.

What kind of results can I expect?
People report a wide variety of positive results, depending on how the session goes and what kinds of opportunities there are to work with. Please see some of the success stories clients have reported. 

Where do you conduct your sessions?
Polly can conduct Animal Communication sessions and Reiki both in her office or remotely. In the case of remote communication, Polly asks that you provide a photo and stay on the line with her while she is talking to your animal. 

How do you charge?
The cost of sessions depends if it is an animal's initial consultation or a follow-up session for communication or if energy/bodywork is requested. Please call the office at 425-427-8028 to get all your questions about fees answered.