Client Profile: Tucker

This story comes from Megan, a client who brought her dog Tucker to me.

I had previously worked with Polly in her animal communicator capacity (and was very impressed with what I learned), when our dog, Tucker, developed some odd limps. Tucker is a small 16-pound Boston Terrier. First, his left front leg gave him problems, then it got better quickly with anti-inflammatory meds from the vet. A few weeks later, he started limping on the other front leg. I figured it must be a musculoskeletal problem because when he played fetch certain kinds of movements seemed to make the limp worse.

I knew Polly did CranioSacral work on animals, so I asked her to take a look at Tucker to see if she could help reduce his limp. During this session, Polly slowly worked over Tucker’s body. He’s a pretty anxious dog, but he soon relaxed and even looked a little sleepy. Polly explained the abnormal twist she could feel in Tucker’s back, although I could see nothing extraordinary.

On the way home I took Tucker for a short walk and even though the limp was still there, it was different, as if his body was working through a healing process. By the next day the limp was almost gone, and the day after that the limp was gone—yes, just gone. I was astounded.

I discovered that the way Tucker rushed up to his ball while playing fetch could still trigger the ghost of a limp again, so I started throwing the ball just a short distance. Tucker has been limp-free now for more than a month and I can throw his ball quite a distance without the limp reappearing. He has had two other treatments from Polly to keep the adjustment strong. I am so grateful to Polly for her sensitive and skilled work that healed our Tucker.