Services - Animal Communication

Animal communication is another form of energy work which allows for a direct conversation with your animal. "It's like sending thought back and forth, which I interpret as dialog, body sensation, emotions and pictures."

Animal communication is wonderful for gaining insight into problem behaviors because solutions are much more effective when your animal's perspective is taken into account.
Polly with Cucumber (wolf) at Earthfire Institute.

Sessions can also be very useful for gauging how much pain your animal is feeling. It also helps you to determine when your companion animal may want your assistance to leave their body at the end of their life.

She is also able to relay messages back to your animal using this form of communication. 

In person or remote: Animal communication sessions can be done either in person or by phone (you provide a picture of your animal). The conversation occurs in silence; if you're with Polly you'll see her typing down the conversation as she gets it. "I don't stop between sentences and topic. I have a complete conversation, only stopping for clarification from you. I then read it all back to you, and if you have more questions or clarification then we can go back and ask your animal."

The difference between phone/remote vs in person is that when Polly sees the animal in person, if they're comfortable then Polly can add some Reiki and CranialSacral work as well. There is no additional charge for that work in the initial session because she's getting to know your animal.
Note that when Polly does subsequent CranialSacral sessions, she's not doing communication - these are separate services.

The initial session: When you make the appointment, Polly sends you an intake form, to which you can include questions and concerns you want her to relay to your animal. Whether the session is in person or on the phone you will go through things you want shared with your animal. Polly will make sure that she understands them well enough to convey them accurately.

For both remote or in-person sessions, you can get an audio recording of the session.


Payment for remote sessions must arrive by the time of the session. You may send a check ahead of time post-dated to the date of your appointment or pay by credit card using our secure PayPal email invoice system.

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